This article is about to my faithful buddy, who is with me for the 6th year of my life. I’m talking about my Orient Submariner homage automatic watch. Bought my first ever automatic watch in 2004, it was regulated in 2005 and still ticking today as I’m writing this page. The watch gained about 5 minutes in a month now. If you don’t know, automatic watches aren’t very accurate as their counterpart- battery powered quartz watches. That does not stop me from being late to work :P


Orient Submariner

Orient Submariner in its full glory! (Pics borrowed from its respective owner)


For as long as I can remember, this is the most expensive I ever bought and so the quality of the watch is the important aspect that I most anticipate. And let me tell you that after all these years, the watch is still  shining as ever and happily ticking. All it take is just a tooth brush and a toothpaste, the watch will be quite sparkling. On a closer look, one can see quite a few hairline scratches at the glass and around the bezel. The watch built quality was amazing, the hour and minute hand perfectly aligned at each marker, the bracelet was beautifully polish although it’s a bit thin for my liking. When I first got the watch, it is like 3 minutes lag every month. After a year, it gradually speed up and after getting it tuned in 2005 the watch turns out very accurate, like one minute+ per-month. Right now, it is about 3-4 minutes per-month fast and I’m not complaining. Maybe this watch is getting magnetized, I don’t know but surely it is easy to get it fixed. The glass is quite scratch resistance IMO. At a glance, you won’t be able to view the scratches but on a closer view you will find a few there obvious. And also the lume is baaaaad.


  1. Automatic bidirectional winding – When the mainspring is fully wound it will last about 36 -40 hours
  2. 21 Jewels – Just a number, the higher jewel number affect very little on the accuracy of the watch.
  3. Cannot hack or hand wind – Well not a feature actually but good to know. Hack means the ability to stop the second hand when the crown is pulled. Hand wind means to manually wind the mainspring by turning the crown.
  4. 100M waterproof – Water resistance of 100M ratings. Does not actually mean that it can go submerge to a 100M depth  but it is surely more than adequate for daily wear and snorkeling. I never took it off for months, took it for swimming at the beach. No leaking whatsoever.
  5. Date display – There is a date display at the 3 o’clock as you can see from the photo above. The date changes slowly around 11.10pm-11.58 every night.
  6. 36600 beat per minute – The rate at the watch oscillate.
  7. Bracelet – Brushed metal stainless steel with clasp lock.
  8. Rotatable bezel – The clicks aren’t satisfying and rather hard to turn.
  9. 10 mm lug size and interchangeable straps.

The packaging

It comes with a Black box, a certificate, pillow to rest the watch and instruction manual. The manual explicately says not to adjust the date around 9.00 -1.00, the waterproof ratings, taking care of the watch, the movement type, and how to adjust the watch. Pretty neat I  must say.


The Bracelet/straps.

Not the strongest point in buying that watch. The bracelet is thin, flimsy and light but it is fairly polished. Im not using the bracelet anymore because the there is a fatal flaw in the design. The Spring bar is too small, you know the connecting pin between the watch and the bracelet. Over the time, the spring will slowly bent and at one point it’s just snap from the case. So I don’t use the bracelet anymore.

I have put a 10mm NATO straps and it is just so comfortable wearing it. It is still usable but looked pretty banged up so I have replace it with a Seiko rubber straps. Just use that about two weeks ago.

What I like

  • Solid hefty feeling.
  • Looks exactly like a Rolex Submariner.
  • Its accuracy.
  • Durability.
  • Scratchproof glass.

What I don’t like

  • Tiny spring bar.
  • Thin bracelet.
  • Bezel rotation feedback
  • 100M waterproof, I wish it was 200M.


Turn your Orient Submariner into Orient Seadweller!  The Rolex Seadweller is a more Professional diver watch with water resistance up to 2000M. The difference between Rolex Submariner and the Rolex Seadweller other than it’s water resistance , is the absence of cyclops window for date display. After the mod, the date display becomes more clear from any angle and the display becomes less busy. You can also wash out the glue and leave no trace behind.

Here’s  how I do it:                (Disclaimer – I’m not responsible for any damage done to your Watch)

  • Grab a electronic soldering iron, flat screw driver, duck tape and sturdy table with raised corner.
  • Remove your watch straps.
  • Put you watch on the table and near to the raised corner.
  • Wrap the flat screwdriver with duck tape.
  • Plug in the solder and wait till its hot.
  • Touch the tip of the solder to the cyclops to heat it up till the cyclops glue melt.
  • Using the screwdriver push the cyclop sideway and press against the raised corner.
  • Do this until the cyclops pops up from the glass.
  • Depending on the situation, you may have to push the cyclops and reheat at the same time
  • Wash any glue left over with soap or vinegar
  • Enjoy your Seadweller


Other variants





Black Orient

Black Orient

Blue Orient

Blue Orient

Bling Orient

Bling Orient








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